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Unparalleled expertise ensures that all applications meet all field design parameters and conditions.

Successful projects rely on thorough understanding of the problem, and precision design to bring the solution to life. To eliminate common interferences and errors missed by 2-D drawings, the Transco Products design team provides three-dimensional modeling for its designs using SolidWorks® software. Transco has the ability to take a 3D scan of your as-built piping to aid in the design of our engineered to order products.

Transco Products personnel analyze client requirements with associated drawings and perform all required calculations before they are prepared for fabrication. Technical designs are then fabricated into precision products using fully integrated manufacturing software. Our engineering staff also does the qualification for all seismic and thermal analysis reports.

Design Capabilities
  • Design consultation
  • Technical drawing development
  • Engineering analysis
  • Testing
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Our skilled union workforce consists of expert metal technicians with over 35 years of building MRI and a training program for apprentices.

Engineered To Order - Three powerful words backed by years of fabricating solutions at Transco’s Streator manufacturing facility in Streator, IL. Specialists in high quality, light-gauge stainless steel products, Transco meets or exceeds expectations for performance, reliability and safety for the most regulated industries in the world.

To ensure the performance of Transco solutions, we continually invest in state-of-the-art equipment for laser cutting, robotic welding, break forming, and testing.

Manufacturing Capabilities
  • Laser cutting stainless or carbon steel
  • Custom shearing, forming, rolling
  • High-quality MIG/TIG structural welding
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Transco’s experience in planning, design and scheduling has a dramatic impact on dose and installation time.

Transco not only innovates, designs and fabricates great solutions for the safety and efficiency of industrial plants, it also installs what it builds. A highly qualified team will install your system and provide technical field support to ensure that each project meets or exceeds your expectations for performance, safety and compliance.

There is no company in the world that even comes close to matching Transco’s experience and expertise with the installation of nuclear-grade insulation systems in the containment/drywell of nuclear power plants.

Installation Capabilities
  • Safety-conscious work environment
  • Human performance error-reduction tools
  • Culture of quality
  • Training, learning, personnel development
  • Robust corrective action program

Our Equipment

Listed below is a sampling of the equipment utilized in Transco’s 85,000 sq ft facility in Streator, Illinois: