HyperTilt is a patent pending vertical axis wind turbine design.  HyperTilt is different than all other vertical axis wind turbines because the blades automatically rotate into and out of the wind so that the maximum amount of wind energy is turned into electricity.

At HyperTilt we believe the future is in building better wind turbines that cost less and output more power.

We are still early in development. We hope to show through additional prototype testing and third party evaluation that HyperTilt has many advantages over conventional big wind turbines:

EFFICIENCY: We hope to show that HyperTilt has higher energy capture efficiency than conventional big wind designs. We also plan on validating that HyperTilt has higher efficiencies of scale which means that HyperTilt could be scaled up in size and produce a larger ROI than big wind.

COST: Our current HyperTilt design utilizes cheaper blade materials than big wind. Also, the ability to utilize flexible fabric blades would lower transportation costs, and manufacturing costs compared to those required to fabricate conventional fiberglass and carbon fiber blades.

QUIET OPERATION: The fast blade rotation speeds of conventional big wind turbines cause noise issues. HyperTilt operates at a low tip speed ratio so high speed blade noise issues would be reduced.

SAFE OPERATION: HyperTilt must be oriented into the wind much like a conventional turbine. The HyperTilt system incorporates a safety mechanism that allows safe shut-down at dangerous wind speeds. When the track is turned out of the wind no energy is captured by the blades and the system is allowed to coast much like a wind vane. 

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