RadVision3D Solutions

  • A service with no personnel requirements, no capital investment, and no expensive software upgrades
  • 3-D & 360° x 360° where data is captured in all directions, not just what is limited to your pointed field of vision
  • Includes a camera that provides instant optical imagery of the scanned area in a fisheye view
  • The laser scanner assigns an X,Y,Z geometrical coordinate to all surfaces and creates a 3-D point cloud model
  • The gamma ray spectrometer identifies individual isotopes, measures dose rate intensity and reveals hot spot locations
  • See a YouTube video walk through of an example project here
Turnkey Solution Features
  • Enhanced Outage Planning
  • Better Performance
  • Improved Worker Safety
  • Reduced Dose Exposure
  • More Efficient Shielding Placement & Procurement 
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